Van der Wal has been a specialist in volume transport and exceptional transport within Western Europe since 1924. We form part of the top of this segment in the Benelux, with around 125 trucks, 1000 swap bodies and 300 mega trailers, semi’s and low loaders.

Our vehicles are equipped with mobile telephones, comply with the latest environmental standards and are maintained in perfect working order. Some of our vehicles are also fitted with an advanced black-box system that we helped to develop. This enables us to locate their position, which is displayed on a computer screen, at any given time. The trucks we use for deliveries to the Baltic States and the countries of the former Soviet Union are equipped with a satellite communication device that enables us to track their progress all the way to the Chinese border.

Our drivers are well qualified and familiar with the latest technology. Thanks to in-depth training and guidance, they are some of the most professional operators in Western Europe. They can find their way anywhere, anytime, and for our customers they are the smiling face of our company.