Exceptional transport

For over 35 years, Van der Wal has provided exceptional transport in Europe and beyond.

Our team of exceptional transport drivers and experts are experienced in organizing goods whose dimensions (length, width, height), weight or both do not comply with standard road transport regulations. We transport agricultural machinery, building and construction materials, motor vehicles, containers and crates, among other things.

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Exceptional transport

Years of experience in exceptional transport

Van der Wal has years of experience in transporting goods whose dimensions (length, width, height) and/or weight do not comply with standard road transport regulations. 

Among other things, we transport agricultural machinery, building and construction materials, motor vehicles, containers and crates.


Permanent permits

Van der Wal has the necessary permits at home and abroad for exceptional transport. 

You are assured of smooth transport with permanent permits for the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

For transportation to and from other countries, we obtain the necessary permits from national and international authorities.


Independent drivers

You can be sure of safe and successful transport thanks to our experienced, exceptional transport drivers.

These drivers have been all over Europe, transported many types of particular goods and have been doing this work for years.

Supervised and unaccompanied driving, accompanying a crane operator on location and loading and unloading vehicles themselves is self-evident.


Your best solution

The best-fit sustainable transport solution. That's what Van der Wal is all about. 

Whether it's modular holiday homes for Unbrick or rocket parts for the European Space Agency (ESA), we think along with you to transport your product as efficiently, and thus sustainably, as possible.

Our extensive fleet of flexible but strong equipment helps in this.

Our fleet

We use special trailers that can be extended and/or widened, making them very suitable for transporting outsize goods. The equipment we use for exceptional transport is semi-low loaders, open mega trailers and Euro low loaders.

Our fleet meets the highest European emission standard of Euro 6.

Recent projects

Unbrick builds sustainable, modular holiday homes. They involved Van der Wal at an early stage to make the production and transport as sustainable as possible.

This led to intensive cooperation with great results, such as reducing the exceptional transport from 4 to 3 trips per holiday home. With 34 holiday homes in the first project, this saves over 9500 kilometres and 6600 kg of CO2.

The video shows how we transported the first modules of Unbricks sustainable holiday homes to their destination in Appelscha.

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