Our history

From taxi company to international logistics service provider

In almost 100 years, Van der Wal has grown from a regional Utrecht-based transport company into an all-round, international logistics service provider with branches in eight countries.

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From taxi company to international logistics service provider

Van der Wal was founded

Van der Wal was founded in 1924 as a taxi company by Toon van der Wal. The story goes that Toon couldn't handle complaining customers well, and the taxi was soon converted into a truck.


Start international transport

Van der Wal started international transport in the 60s. In the 70s, the East Bloc became known territory under the leadership of the third-generation Van der Wal.


Expansion in the former Soviet Union and Middle East

The 90s were characterized by a stormy development in transport to the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. Van der Wal was also one of the first logistics organizations to open branches in Poland (Gniezno), Romania (Brasov), Russia (Saratov), Azerbaijan (Baku) and Kazakhstan (Atyrau). There we have offices, workshops, storage and parking facilities.


Substantial growth through acquisitions

Through various acquisitions of, among others, Wesco Trans, Mur Transport B.V. and Middelkoop Roermond B.V. at the start of the new millennium, the number of employees has grown strongly, and significant revenue growth has been achieved.


Winner Lean & Green Award: deployment of LHVs

In 2008, Van der Wal's sustainability initiatives were rewarded with a Lean & Green Award. We were the first transport company to enter a cross-sectoral partnership with a shipper. Together with Rockwool, we received the award for using long, heavy vehicles (LHVs).


Start SmartWay Logistics

In 2008, Van der Wal started 4PL brand SmartWay Logistics (SWL) to take over the complete management of your logistics activities for you and to optimize your logistics processes. In 2009 we started SWL activities in Poland (Gniezno) and in 2013 also in the UK (Brighton). Since then, we have been based in Brighton.


Signing ILT compliance agreement

In 2010, Van der Wal concluded an compliance agreement with the Inspectie van Leefwater en Transport (ILT), the supervisor of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. We were found by the government to be of such quality that we are allowed to check ourselves for compliance with laws and regulations.


Achieving first Lean & Green Star: 20% CO2 reduction

In May 2014, Van der Wal received her first Lean & Green Star from the Connekt program Lean & Green Logistics. The Lean & Green Star is awarded to organizations that achieve a minimum CO2 reduction of 20% within a maximum period of five years.


Obtaining OHSAS certification

Van der Wal obtained the OHSAS 18001 certificate in June 2015. We owe this international standard for occupational health and safety management to our safety program for employees and equipment.


Achieving second Lean & Green Star: registration of empty kms

Van der Wal received a second Lean & Green star in May 2018. We have earned the second star by investing in various innovative promotions, including fleet renewal, smarter transport solutions and providing insight into the number of empty kilometres driven.


Acquisition of Nico Witlox Transport

In October 2018, Van der Wal took over the activities of Nico Witlox Transport. This transport company was part of the family company Decor Son, a wholesaler and producer for major players in the Do-It-Yourself market in the Benelux. With the acquisition of Nico Witlox Transport, we expanded the distribution of goods to hardware stores, which we started in 2016.