Transport to and from Kazakhstan

For more than 40 years Van der Wal has been providing transport to and from Kazakhstan. Our Russian and Kazach speaking team of experts has a broad carrier network. Therefore we can arrange all kind of weekly transports to Kazakhstan.

All the necessary documents will be taken care off, this way you can be sure of a fast transit time.

Curious about the possibilities? Request a quote and we will contact you immediately.

You can also call us  on+31(0)30 - 24 27 900.

Biweekly transport to Kazakhstan

Van der Wal has been providing transport to and from Kazakhstan for more than 40 years. 

Twice a month we depart with our own trucks or those of partners for various destinations in Kazakhstan, such as Oral, Atyrau, Aqtöbe, Aksay, Aqtau, Karaganda and Bautino. 

We can arrange groupage transport, complete loads and ODC loads for you.

Russian and Kazakh speaking team

Our team of experts guides the transport to or from Kazakhstan. They speak Russian and Kazakh (mother or second language) and have experience in preparing the necessary documents.

Local establishment

Through cooperation with our establishment in Atyrau, our experts are familiar with local laws and regulations.

Transit time to and from Kazakhstan

For transporting goods to and from Kazakhstan we are on the road between 12 and 20 days. This depends on the loading or unloading location in Kazakhstan and whether it concerns a groupage, complete or ODC load.