Logistical optimization

4PL: Data-driven logistics for sustainability

Do you want more efficient and sustainable transport in your organisation? 

Then the experts of our 4PL brand SmartWay Logistics are ready for you.

Are you curious about the possibilities? 

Check out the website of SmartWay Logistics, Van der Wal's 4PL organisation, or call our experts at +31(0)30 - 82 00 800.

4PL: Data-driven logistics for sustainability

Your European
4PL partner

SmartWay Logistics is a neutral 'non-asset' 4PL service provider with the practical knowledge of a 100-year-old transport company.

Our team of logistics experts provides an efficient 'control tower' that handles more than 635,000 shipments throughout Europe annually.

This brings you a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient supply chain.

Sustainable logistics 

Do you have sustainable ambitions and want to reduce your transport CO2 emissions? Or do you need to comply with CSRD legislation?

SmartWay Logistics brings you the desired insight and realizes the desired CO2-saving projects for you. 

So your sustainable reporting becomes clear, complete and equipped with actionable results.

The supply chain control tower 

SmartWay Logistics' control tower lays a solid foundation under your supply chain. 

Our experienced logistics engineers, far-reaching automation and an extensive carrier network provide optimal operational results.

You have a single point of contact and clear dashboards, giving you insight and control over your supply chain.

Sustainable solutions

Most organisations want (and need) to become significantly more sustainable. Transport movements are responsible for a large proportion of CO2 emissions. 

For this reason, we devise and develop out-of-the-box solutions that lead to efficient transport. And as efficient transport is sustainable transport, this is the sweet spot to accelerate the transition to sustainable logistics. Precisely there, we can help your company achieve CO2 targets.

Sustainable solutions

SmartWay Logistics

We do everything to make transport as sustainable as possible. We started SmartWay Logistics in 2008 to take over the complete management of your logistics activities for you. By making smart use of data and algorithms, we are able to optimize your logistics processes.