Volume transport

Are you a producer of voluminous goods, and do you want efficient and sustainable transport? 

Van der Wal has over 60 years of experience transporting volume goods, such as building materials, industrial packaging and second-hand clothing.

Our team of LHV drivers and logistics experts will be happy to help you achieve an optimal load factor.

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Volume transport

Sustainable transport of volume goods

Historically, our strength lies in the sustainable transport of volume goods. These are goods with a low specific weight or shipments with large dimensions that cannot be stacked. Products that we have been transporting for years include construction-related goods and industrial packaging.

Our fleet

In addition to LHVs and SECs, we also use other materials for volume transport, namely: mega trailerssuper mega’svolume combi’s and LCVs.

Optimization by the use of larger trucks

We use our fleet to make optimisations for customers, for example through the use of long, heavy vehicles (LHVs) and super eco combis (SECs). With an LHV we transport 38% more content compared to a volume combi and when using a SEC the transport volume increases with respect to a mega trailer by 100%.