Transport to the East

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50 years of experience

Since 1970 we have been transporting goods to and from the East. In addition to destinations in the former Soviet Union (such as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan), we also transport to destinations in the Middle East (such as Turkey) and distant destinations such as Mongolia and China.

Local presence

Van der Wal is based in Baku (Azerbaijan) and Atyrau (Kazakhstan). There we have offices, garages and storage and parking facilities.

Team of native speakers

Our office team in Utrecht that accompanies transports to and from Eastern destinations speaks Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Azeri and Kazakh. They have extensive knowledge of necessary (customs) documents and permits. All documents are checked and, if necessary, translated before the vehicle leaves.

Own fleet and broad partner network

In addition to our vehicles, we use several partners with whom we have worked together for many years. Our carrier management team streamlines contacts with our partners and ensures that they work following the agreements we make with our customers.