Humanitarian supplies for Ukraine

09 March 2022

Humanitarian supplies for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has created a humanitarian disaster. Standing by is not an option so we immediately put a team in place. In cooperation with our Polish and Romanian Van der Wal teams, we quickly set up transports for relief goods and we aim to do this for the long run.


Loading truck with wooden crates

To do nothing and stand by is no option

Since Van der Wal has been operating throughout the Eastern European region for decades, we want to help where our expertise and strengths lies.

Thus, we put our transport and logistics expertise at disposal and drive with trucks towards the affected regions. In order to bring the first necessary supplies as quickly as possible, the first trucks left this week. We expect that the support will be needed for a long period of time, so we will continue to provide free transports to border areas of Ukraine in Poland and Romania.

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A shipment to Ukraine waiting at the Austrian border

Joint effort

After Vera and Henk told the 8 o'clock news of the NOS (Monday 28 February) about the impact of the war in Ukraine and the initiative to provide free transports of humanitarian supplies, they immediately received many phone calls and emails. From major aid organizations, our customers, to small civil initiatives. It' s incredible to see how many people want to contribute!

You can watch the broadcast here: (Start item: 25.30, with Van der Wal at 26.30).


Transport with humanitarian goods to Ukraine, Poland and Romania

Meanwhile, we have a strong team operating to organize the logistics professionally. From Utrecht we arrange the collection and loading of goods. Together with our subsidiaries in Poland and Romania we organize the transport and delivery. For the initiatives that collected the necessary goods in the Netherlands but don't have access to the contacts to ensure this is delivered at the right destination, our colleagues in Romania and Poland have selected a number of organizations of which we know they are reliable. They can make sure that the collected goods will reach the right places in the Ukraine, Romania and Poland. Think of organizations like Caritas, the Polish Red Cross and Polish Humanitarian Action in Poland and Asociata Zi de bine in Romania.

Stichting Rataplan lorries unloading at Van der Wal

Stichting Rataplan at Van der Wal to unload 7 lorries full of aid goods for Ukraine.  

Support for transport to Ukraine

Many colleagues, customers and suppliers are already helping to make these transports possible. From colleagues who (partly) in their spare time organize and drive these transports to customers and suppliers who financially and with supplies make large donations. A few nice examples are:

  • Partner Groenleven made a substantial financial contribution enabling 20 transports to be arranged
  • Partner Quickstra donated a lot of old phones and enabled 1 transport.
  • Moonen Packaging donated 2 times 50 pallet boxes, making a total of 100. These boxes enable safe and double stacking.
  • The tarpaulins (as shown on the first image) are provided by our partner Dekkledenfabriek Willem de Jong. Thanks to them the trucks are driving with tarpaulins on the back to draw (even) more attention to Ukraine.
  • Van Dijk Trucks has generously helped out when the truck of a carrier hired by us broke down. Van Dijk took care of the reparation and replacement of an expensive part for this worthy purpose, for which we would like to express our appreciation!

Because the support will be needed for a long time we also call upon you: 

Can you or the organisation you work at contribute something?

There are many ways you can do something, such as:

  • Offer aid supplies
  • Goods that you make or trade in your own business and which are useful for the crisis areas
  • Useful contacts/collaborations
  • Financial donations

As for financial donations, we use them to cover half of the costs of each transport. The other half is at our own expense. 

Donations can be made via and are highly appreciated.

medical aid for Ukraïne in truck

Do you or your organization want to contribute?

Please contact us through your regular contact person or give us a call or send an email:

 Truck loaded medical supplies for Ukraine

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