Who we are

Your logistics partner for the best possible sustainable solution

Van der Wal was founded in 1924 by Toon van der Wal. 

Since then, the company has grown into an all-round logistics service provider with branches in the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, and Romania. 

Van der Wal employs over 300 people.

Your logistics partner for the best possible sustainable solution


We commit ourselves to providing the best available sustainable transport solution based on fairness and respect for people and society based on our core values.


We are leaders in devising and developing out-of-the-box solutions that structurally smartly improve transport efficiency. Efficient transport is sustainable transport. Therefore, we challenge our customers and suppliers to play a significant role in transitioning to sustainable transport.

We invest in our people: we interact with our people honestly and sincerely. We see the development of our people as an essential condition for the growth and prosperity of our company. We encourage entrepreneurship, personal growth, a sense of responsibility and the development of talents.

We strive to keep our people healthy and vital throughout their careers.

We take our responsibility towards society and treat our living environment with respect. Safety is our constant focus, and we comply with the law.

We aim for an operating result that enables the above also in the longer term.

Sustainable road transport

We can, want and will leave the world more beautiful than how we found it. 

In a world in which climate change has significant consequences for people, nature, and the environment, Van der Wal holds itself responsible for reducing our (own) CO2 emissions. Just imagine: If a truck drives 22 kilometres, a tree has to grow for a year to offset these CO2 emissions. That is why, in 2024, we will continue to do everything we can together to improve transport every day and thus make it more sustainable.

We do this by taking our social responsibility and always aiming for the best available transport solution for our customers and the environment. 

We drive the cleanest equipment, and under the banner of Kill Empty Running, we devise smart solutions for fewer (half) empty trucks on the road.

As a result of these continuous efforts to make (the world of) transport a bit more sustainable, Van der Wal achieved the fourth Lean & Green Star in 2024, proofing a reduction of 55% CO2 per loading meter/kilometre since 2008. 

Honest & sincere

We communicate openly with each other and keep our customers informed of what we are doing.

"We do what we say and say what we do." is one of our core values. 

We comply with the law; therefore, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate  (ILT) has decided to conclude a covenant with Van der Wal.


Innovative thinking is embedded in Van der Wal's culture. We continuously invest in our transport management system and realise smart transport solutions, bringing value to customers and the planet.

In addition, we constantly look for optimisations in cooperation with our customers; this regularly leads to optimizations in processes and equipment.

Knowledge & experience

We bring knowledge, experience and talent.

We understand and can meet the needs of our customers. 

We solve complex logistical issues using our broad knowledge, experience and talent. As we already have for nearly 100 years.


More than just transport

Van der Wal offers you transportflexible storage space and logistical optimization

As a logistics service provider, we act as a transporter (2PL) and freight forwarder (3PL). Also, we offer services to handle the complete management of your logistics transport activities (4PL).

More than just transport