Sustainable logistics

We make our contribution to a better environment by operating a system of sustainable logistics, for example by making maximal use of clean, economical materials. Wherever possible we make use of volume transport and LHVs. We invest in training oriented towards economical driving, and strive to reduce empty journeys. For example we have succeeded in driving down the empty load percentage for one large haulier by 20% by combining loads and introducing logisticial decoupling points. Result: cost savings for us as well as for our customer.

Lean en Green Star

In May 2014 Van der Wal won the first Lean en Green Star Award for reducing CO2 emissions by 20% within five years. The Lean and Green Star is an initiative of Duurzame Logistiek & Connekt, an independent network of companies and public authorities that connects parties in order to work on the sustainable improvement of mobility in the Netherlands.

In 2008, Van der Wal initiatives in the field of sustainability are rewarded with a Lean and Green Award. Van der Wal received this award together with Rockwool for their unique, cross-industry cooperation in the field of sustainable transport.