Frequently asked questions

On this page we have listed the most frequently asked questions to Van der Wal.  For specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department.

Which type of material do you have?
Under the heading fleet, you will find information about our LHV’s, high-volume combinations, mega-trailers, swap bodies and different tractor units for goods with dimensions outside the legislative standards. 

How do you maintain your fleet?
We have a garage in Utrecht en Roermond for small maintenance, the big maintenance we have outsourced to Tip.

When can you load and unload?
Please contact the planning department or your accountmanager to talk about your wishes. Van der Wal is flexible and can also transport your goods last minute.

How much does a transport cost?
The costs depend on different elements. To make a good estimation, we advise you to fill in the offer request. Based on these dates we can give you the best price possible.

What will be the transit time?
The transit time depends on your destination but in the Benelux the transit time will be between 1 and 3 days. Other destinations in Europe are on purpose.

Do you use a track and trace system?
By using a global positioning system in combination with GPRS modems in our vehicles, we can see where they are, and where your cargo is at any given stage of the journey. The accountmanagement department can inform you about your order.

Are my goods insured?
For transports that are carried out completely within The Netherlands, AVC conditions apply. In all other cases CMR conditions apply. Upon request we can provide the full AVC/or CMR conditions.

How are your drivers trained?
We offer our drivers the Code 95 training and they continuous kept up to date with the latest rules. Some drivers followed an ADR course and are qualified to transport dangerous goods. 

In which countries do you operate?
Mainly we operate in the Benelux, Germany, North of France and the North of Spain. Our East department is specialist in transports to Eastern Europe and former CIS countries. Click here for an overview.

Which certifications do you have?
Van der Wal has the ISO 9001 and the HACCP certification. In 2008 we won the Lean and Green Award together with Rockwool.
In 2010 Van der Wal was the first company that was willing to sign a Compliance with the Transport and Water Management Inspectorate (TWMI). May 2014 we received the Lean and Green first Star.